On hand to provide therapeutic support to your employees


As a responsible and caring employer, you have a crucial role to play in supporting the health and wellbeing of your employees whether their problems are related to work or other factors. The Covid-19 Pandemic has made this an even greater challenge, with many people facing unprecedented levels of stress and isolation.

There are a number of well-documented benefits for businesses investing in mental health and wellbeing support for their workforce including:

• Increased productivity
• Reduced absenteeism
• Retention of staff
• Overall improvement of engagement in the workplace

There are a number of well-documented benefits for businesses investing in mental health and wellbeing support for their workforce including:

Increased Productivity

Reduced Absenteeism

Retention of staff

Overall improvement of engagement in the workplace

Therapeutic Intervention

Patricia at Glen Psychology can offer a rapid response to any employee referred to her service through their manager or human resource provider; typically responding to any enquiry within 24 hours. Assessment and risk assessment can be carried out by telephone or by remote means and, if necessary, a treatment plan can be quickly implemented ensuring employees get the support they need, when they need it, without being placed on an NHS or insurer waiting list.

Referral route to the service can be unique to each individual business with confidentiality of employees placed at the forefront of any plan. With a modest retainment fee, companies will receive a monthly uptake report providing quality assurance and highlighting to management any commonality relating to overall staff health and wellbeing. The retainment fee will of course be subtracted from the cost of any monthly input should that cost exceed the agreed fee.

Accredited by BPS, BABCP and HCPC, Patricia utilises evidence-based therapies such as CBT to help challenge negative thinking, change unhelpful behaviours and provide employees with the lifelong tools to increase resilience and maintain well-being.

Currently therapy is being carried out remotely. However, in compliance with government guidelines, it is hoped that face to face therapy will be an additional option in the future.

Why Glen Psychology?

Patricia at Glen Psychology can provide a continuity of care for your employees and if requested can also become a trusted part of your supportive community and wellbeing team. Your employees can build a therapeutic relationship with one person and feel confident that the same person will be there if they ever have a ‘wobble’ and need brief reassurance; saving them, and your business, time and money.

More than Therapy

Having trained as an Educational Psychologist before becoming a Psychotherapist, Patricia has a sound knowledge of organisational psychology and ecological systems theory and, if requested, can use this understanding to identify ways to promote mental health and wellbeing within your company at a systemic level.

Always ensuring the confidentiality of employees, Patricia can take note of general issues and identify common factors which contribute to or diminish well-being within your company. In doing so Patricia can, if needed, contribute to the company’s well-being policies, ensuring such documents are relevant, workable and a positive addition to the company’s overall vision for staff.

Wellbeing Training

Whilst individual therapy is often necessary, sometimes collective training can mitigate against the need for later, more intrusive or time-consuming mental health interventions.

This can include training focused on:

Managing Anxiety

Steps to address low mood

Working from home

Wellbeing of women in the workplace

Asserting your needs

Identifying signs of mental illness

Managing employees with additional support needs

Glen Psychology seeks to provide training that is interesting and engaging.


However, it must also be cost effective and have a positive and measurable impact. Implementation science argues that training programmes are most effective and have greatest impact when they are adapted to the needs of the recipients rather than when they come from a ‘one size fits all’ package.

As an accessible collaborator for your company, Patricia at Glen Psychology can offer a range of effective training events tailored to the needs of each individual business and based on the intelligence gathered from employees and managers. In this way such events are effective, outcome driven and value for money.


Patricia at Glen Psychology can offer your business all or some of the following services:

Rapid response to staff who require support

Evidence based therapeutic interventions for identified staff

Collaborative input to Mental Health and Well-Being Policy Development

Bespoke training for managers, employees, HR, tailored to the individual needs of your business